basically personal works.
@lichit gallery_Dieter Rams Braun Audio Exhibition
Bolt Lounge Chair (by ohhyunseog) @ AS SEEN BY Rimowa Exhibition
Meori-Jang (by keemhoney) at AS SEEN BY Rimowa Exhibition
東京都現代美術館_Spatial Photograph
Mountain of Korea
Memories in Seoul_22.07.17~22.07.31
@4560DESIGNHAUS in Seoul
@紀尾井清堂 in Yotuya
#product_photo_DCUMENTED MAGAZINE B 2011 - 2021
#product_photo_4560DESIGNHAUS CALENDAR
@tokyo contemporary art museum_After the Rainbow by. Eugenestudio
@kannonzaki park_From the Sea (海からの)
@lichit gallery_KOICHI FUTATSUMATA ・E&Y collection
@terrada art complex_anything will sleep off
@lichit gallery_chairs designed by Rei Kawakubo
@tokyo contemporary art museum_Exhibition of Mark Manders
@tokyo metropolitan art museum_Ways of Discovery